Covid-19 Relief Cargo
In these unprecedented times, air cargo transportation is facing an immense shortage of capacities. RDS Cargo offers solutions in getting any volume of CoVid-19 relief cargo from China to Europe and rest of the world.
In order to provide our customers with a reliable solution during the current shortage of freighter aircraft, we have partnered with several passenger carriers to utilize their fleet to transport cargo in the cabin, as well as on the lower deck. Our team works with wide variety of aircraft in order to provide most effective solutions, given the cargo volume and weight.
Aircraft types
Wide range of aircraft types to accommodate for various cargo volumes, from 60 CBM up to 200 CBM per flight
World-wide destinations
Competitive options for worldwide shipping.
In case your shipment is smaller than the full flight we can uplift it using one of our flights or utilize our partner network.
Experienced local agents
We work only with most reliable ground handling agents in China, who ensure flawless execution on their side
RFS Service
RFS solutions to any European destination
Documentation check
Our Chinese agents will help to ensure that your documentation provided by your supplier conforms to the current Chinese customs legislation.
Please get in touch with us if you require assistant in transporting Covid19 relief cargo. Our team of professionals will provide you with the most cost-effective solutions.
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